3D Turnkey Asset Management Platform 3D Turnkey Asset Management Platform

3D Turnkey Asset Management Platform

A Freedom Advisors Company

Full Back Office

Outsource all aspects of the investment administration process. Account setup, transfer, admin, trading, billing & reporting.


Investment Flexibility

Customized cash positions and non-model securities; Convenient UMA structure for multiple strategies.


Direct Support

High touch personal support. Meticulous attention to detail.


Transparent Fees

Customizable advisor compensation. Advisory fees paid monthly.


Account Management

White-glove service: Dollar cost averaging, transfer in kind, RMD tracking and alerts & more.


Portal Access

Quick & secure client access to customized account information and reporting; Full advisor access to book of business, reporting engine & document storage.


Easy Onboarding

Simple automated on-boarding. Convenient recordkeeping with Investment Policy Statements.


Comprehensive Reporting

Quarterly performance reporting with custom report options. Reporting at household, account, and sleeve-level UMA.



Choice of custodians and multiple pricing options

ETFs: Low-Cost, Tax-Efficient

The structure of ETFs gives easy insight into their target market exposure, and a real-time gauge on their value. ETFs are also typically more flexible, cost-effective, and tax-efficient than other investment vehicles with:

Lower Expense

and potentially higher
long-term returns.

No Cash Held to Pay
Shareholder Redemptions

so more of your money
is invested.

Greater Tax

so the investor decides when to
realize capital gains

Daily Fund Holding

for transparency in
what you own.

Each model portfolio and partner product we offer is rooted in academic research, a rigorous due diligence process, and factors in four key elements:

Investment Strategy

Strategic, Dynamic, Tactical—all three approaches can play a role, it’s about understanding how each strategy can fit within a portfolio.

  • Strategic: A fixed asset allocation to equities and bonds
  • Dynamic: The asset allocation is dynamically adjusted according to the macroeconomic environment
  • Tactical: The asset allocation can be adjusted to the macroeconomic environment and can completely de-risk to 100% cash

Time Horizon

Return is a function of time. It is the ability to remain invested long enough so that the advantages of risk exposure are captured.

Risk Tolerance

Balancing investor goals with time horizon identifies the risk tolerance that will guide the strategy and keep the portfolio on track.

Downside Risk Management

Understanding how a strategy manages downside risk.

  • Limited: Ability to manage at the sector and security level, outside defined parameters around a set equity/bond asset allocation
  • Flexible: Ability to manage at the security, sector, geography, credit quality and asset allocation level
  • Unconstrained: Complete control, including de-risking

We’ve simplified the portfolio construction process—not portfolio management.

It starts by establishing your client’s goals to set time horizon and return target.

We’ve made it easy for you to create customized portfolios that combine our in-house models with
managers we have extensively due-diligenced to add skill without overlap—creating a full suite of products that can work alone or blended to create nuanced portfolios that meet client needs.

Our core belief is that risk will be rewarded over time, and that combining different approaches to investment management offers the best way to build bespoke portfolios for your clients. We do the construction for you—so you can spend your time advising clients and building your business.

Mapping begins with a description of the client’s needs, which guides the portfolio composition.

Below are examples of three possible portfolios, based on client time horizon and return target:

3D Model Portfolios

3D offers a full suite of asset management products, including specialty strategies, that are easily deployed into custom client portfolios based on target return, time horizon and risk profile. We’ve made it simple to offer your clients fully diligenced, bespoke portfolios – so you can spend your time providing advice and growing your business.

3D Global Risk-Based Portfolios Using ETFs

Using exchange-traded funds (ETFs), 3D constructs equity and fixed income portfolios into risk-based blends suited to a range of investors’ tolerances for risk. For instance, the 3D Global 60 portfolio consists of a 60% allocation to global equities and 40% allocation to fixed income – the 60/40 ratios remain constant and are periodically rebalanced to target.

3D Global Risk-Based Portfolios Using DFA Funds

Using Dimensional Funds (DFA), 3D constructs equity and fixed income portfolios into risk-based blends suited to a range of investors’ tolerances for risk. For instance, the 3D Global 60 portfolio consists of a 60% allocation to global equities and 40% allocation to fixed income – the 60/40 ratios remain constant and are periodically rebalanced to target.

3D Targeted Fixed Income Strategies

Seeks low volatility, current income using ETFs to target a time horizon as specified by the vintage year in the portfolio (i.e. 2021). At the end of the time horizon, the fund is expected to be liquidated with net proceeds returned to investors.

3D Global Growth

Provide long-term superior risk-adjusted performance over a global market index like the MSCI All-Country World Index.

3D US Focused Equities

Provide long-term superior risk-adjusted performance over a U.S. broad market index like the Russell 3000 Index.

3D ESG Strategies

Provide a stock portfolio more closely aligned with Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards as measured by third-party research firms focused on assigning ESG ratings to individual companies based on their business practices.

3D Targeted Outcome

The portfolio is structured to offer participation in general equity market risk but with capped upside and downside participation depending on the underlying portfolio structure using exchange-traded fund (ETFs). The strategy benchmark is a 50%/50% blend of the S&P 500 Index (Total Return) and ICE/BAML 3-Month Treasury Bill Index.

Lee Adaptive Large Cap Sector Strategy

Lee Adaptive Large Cap Sector Strategy (“Lee Adaptive”) is a U.S.-only equity strategy that seeks to avoid exposure to severe market downturns while participating in up markets using an adaptive, proprietary quantitative model that adjusts its strategy and positioning as the tenor of markets evolve.


Small Cap



Low Volatility


Fast, Personalized Service

We’re proud to deliver our high-touch service to assist with all your business needs:

  • Dedicated, professional team trained to provide efficient service
  • Fast, accurate processing
  • Direct, responsive communication via online chat, phone, or email
  • Develop a relationship that’s adaptable, friendly, and reliable

Senior, Knowledgeable Staff

Personal assistance and guidance from seasoned financial services experts. Our Advisor Service Representatives and Relationship Managers:

  • Have a combined 40+ years of hands-on experience to provide superior customer service and satisfaction
  • Expertly handle administrative and back-office tasks
  • Know processes and requirements inside and out
  • Proactively go to bat for you to appropriately address and expedite urgent cases and monitor response from start to finish

Easy to Work With and Eager to Assist

Our team can arm you with information and talking points. They help you:

  • Confidently respond to client questions about their accounts, paperwork processing, exceptions, and more
  • Be prepared and comfortable handling any queries regarding complicated items, changes with money managers, or other operational issues
  • Be the first to receive all communications before they are made public